Splash Pharmaceuticals Announces Financing to Advance Ovarian Cancer Clinical Trial

Clinical trial extends previous studies of SPL-108 in ovarian cancer

San Diego, CA – May 21, 2018Splash Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Splash”), a private biopharmaceutical company that develops novel cancer therapies, announced completion of a financing round to support the ongoing clinical trial of SPL-108.  The round was oversubscribed and was led by existing investors Hamilton BioVentures (“Hamilton”) and Solstice Capital.  The proceeds will support Splash’s clinical trial in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients. 

Splash is developing a pipeline of novel therapeutics that target CD44 with the goal to achieve dramatic and durable responses in cancer patients.  The first of these therapies, SPL-108, has demonstrated significant activity in animal models including ovarian, breast, endometrial, prostate, liver and brain cancers.  SPL-108 has also demonstrated activity in multiple Phase I and II clinical trials in gynecological cancers with an excellent safety profile.  Splash believes that combining SPL-108 with other therapies will provide even greater activity which is the basis for the current clinical trial. 

“We are very pleased to close this financing round and are particularly gratified by the strong support from our existing investors who know the story best,” said Dr. David Nelson, President and CEO of Splash Pharmaceuticals.  “We are excited by the breadth and depth of preclinical and clinical data that we have generated in support of our latest clinical trial in ovarian cancer.  SPL-108 holds great promise for many types of cancer and we look forward to testing this clinical hypothesis with our latest trial.”

“Hamilton is excited to participate in this financing round,” said Dr. Kerry Dance, Chairman of Hamilton BioVentures.  “The unique mechanism of action of SPL-108 provides a compelling possibility of achieving durable responses, which is something that has remained elusive in many recent breakthrough cancer therapies.”

About Splash Pharmaceuticals

Splash is a privately held company that is developing novel cancer therapies with a goal to provide dramatic and durable responses in many solid tumors.  Splash has developed a pipeline of novel agents that target CD44 with demonstrated anti-angiogenic and anti-metastatic activity as well as synergistic cytotoxicity with other chemotherapy agents.  Splash is actively seeking Pharma partners to accelerate its novel clinical programs.  For more information, visit www.splashpharma.com.